Coach Guth

Developing your winning mindset, overcoming obstacles and achieving your goals with confidence and determination.

Henrique Guth

Below you discoverd a little about me: Henrique Guth your personal and coach.

Henrique Guth

Desenvolvendo sua mentalidade vencedora, superando obstáculos e alcançando seus objetivos com confiança e determinação.


Our work has been gaining prominence and below you will find a comparison of the evolution of our students, before and after consultancy and monitoring.



  • Working with Coach Guth was like emerging from a time of darkness into a season of light. His sage guidance helped me find hope even in moments of despair.
    Maria SilvaClient
  • Coach Guth guided me through the maze of self-doubt to the clarity of self-awareness. His unique approach turned my moments of uncertainty into opportunities for growth.
    João SantosClient
  • Just like the best stories, my journey with Coach Guth was filled with ups and downs. His unwavering belief in my potential helped me navigate tough times and embrace opportunities with courage.
    Ana OliveiraClient
  • Coach Guth is a true master at turning challenges into opportunities. His guidance inspired me to find wisdom even in moments of greatest confusion.
    Pedro LimaClient
  • Working with Coach Guth was like transitioning from the winter of doubt to the spring of confidence. His guidance helped me see hope even in the darkest moments.
    Laura CostaClient
  • Coach Guth not only helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel but also gave me the tools to reach it. His compassionate yet pragmatic approach changed my life.
    Carlos MartinsClient
  • Just like in 'A Tale of Two Cities,' my journey with Coach Guth was a story of dualities - between wisdom and folly, belief and incredulity. But in the end, I emerged stronger and more confident than ever.
    Sofia FernandesClient

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